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 Why Thorlos?

Fat pads protect our feet but we destroy them by walking and running on hard surfaces

  • This loss of fat pads is due primarily to damage from shearing forces from walking and running on smooth, unyielding man-made surfaces (concrete, asphalt, hard floors).
  • The damage is compounded by poorly designed and poorly fitted socks and shoes.
  • Thorlos protect the fat pads from shearing forces by transferring these forces from the fat pads to the cushion fabric of the Thorlos; and where fat pad degradation has already occurred, Thorlos engineered cushion fabric helps replace the function of the natural pads.
  • Protection is the "root cause" of comfort.

Why Fabrics that work well on our bodies work poorly in our shoes

  • Cotton, wool and silk (all natural fabrics) absorb moisture ["Absorption" is defined as retention]. Wool claims to "wick," which is not true.
  • Inside the shoes, natural cushion sock fabrics become ineffective and even harmful to the feet: They absorb moisture, become saturated and collapse. Result: no protection.
  • Acrylic "wicks" moisture ["Wicking" is defined as transmission or movement of moisture by capillary action], moving it to the outer materials of the shoe where it is released into the outside environment.
  • Acrylic cushion sock fabric maintains resiliency and provides a more natural yielding, forgiving, dynamic environment for the foot (like walking barefoot in grass or sand).
  • Result: More protection, more comfort.

Net Effect: Acrylic cushion fabric creates a more "NATURAL" environment inside a shoe or boot

  • The irony is that it requires a man-made (or natural blended with acrylic) cushion fabric to create a more natural surface inside a shoe; but remember that shoes and boots themselves are man-made surfaces.
  • Therefore, the only effective protective measure is to help counteract the negative aspects of one "man-made" surface with another "man-made" surface.
  • Thorlos exclusive acrylic cushion fabric is more "natural" inside a shoe.

Thick Protection/Cushion

Our THICK Cushion Thorlos provide the greatest level of protection and comfort found anywhere today. This is the level of protection that made the brand famous; some of our longtime customers have come to call these "Classic Thorlos". We designed them for:

High foot stress activities like tennis, long distance walking, running or hiking, where the impact and sheering forces on the foot are greatest.

Anyone over the age of 35 because the natural fat pad on the bottom of our feet degenerates as we age, losing its natural protective qualities.

• Younger activity enthusiasts who want to proactively prevent the degeneration of the natural protective fat pad on the bottom of their feet.

• Anyone with a history of foot pain or discomfort.

Note: Our Thick Cushion Thorlos will probably require a change in your shoe size.

Moderate Protection/Cushion

Thorlos makes a Moderate Cushion sock product for activities that place less stress on the foot. We recommend these for short distance walking, running or hiking.

Note: Our Moderate Cushion Thorlos may require a change in shoe size in a small percentage of people.

Thin Protection/Cushion

While we recommend our Thick protection Thorlos to everyone for maximum protection and comfort, we recognize some activities place much less stress on the foot. We also realize that many younger activity enthusiasts prefer to actually "feel more of the road." For these activities and consumers, we make a thin cushioned Thorlos that provides more protection and comfort than any thin sock on the market.

Note: Our Thin Cushion Thorlos will probably not change your shoe size.

Care Recommendations:

Put your Thorlos on with care: Place hands on either side of the sock and gather fabric up to the toe area, pulling the sock on around the toes. Then gently pull the socks over the heel and then foot and up the leg. Do not grasp socks at the top and insert the foot, as this will cause the spandex (elastic) to weaken and break.

Periodically a loose end of spandex may work itself to the outside of the sock. This is not a product defect. If this occurs, do not pull the elastic because it will cause unraveling. Just clip it as close as possible to the fabric, without cutting the Thorlos, before you put the socks into the washing machine, to prevent premature pulling, breaking or unraveling.

An individual’s perspiration and unsaturated body acids can cause deterioration of the elastic. Your best defense is to launder your Thorlos as soon as possible after every use.

Remember, Thorlos are designed to be worn with activity and lifestyle specific footwear. However, because they are so comfortable, people often wear them indoors without shoes. We recommend that you do not do this, as it causes excessive abrading, pilling, soiling and general wear of the fabric, and diminishes the useful life of the products. You have paid for extra ordinary comfort and protection while being active. Wear Thorlos with the appropriate sport or lifestyle specific shoes, boots or around the house with slippers.

Washing Recommendations:

Wash in lukewarm or cool water, using Regular/Delicate washer setting. Wash with like colors: whites are to be washed with white clothes only, dark colors are to be washed with dark clothes only. Do not use chlorinated bleach, or laundry detergents containing chlorinated bleaching agents, on Thorlos socks. Use of these agents results in fiber deterioration and breakdown of elasticity. We recommend Thorlos be laundered and tumble-dried inside out to fluff the terry padding and achieve maximum comfort and protection. Plus, this will prevent lint and pilling from accumulating on the outside of your Thorlos.

To receive full benefit of the Thorlos product design, we strongly recommend using LIQUID FABRIC SOFTENER in the rinse cycle. This is vital to extend product-wear life. Fabric softener enhances the wicking property of Thorlos Foot·Health fibers. It lubricates both the fibers and the elastic keeping them flexible and allowing them to stretch and recover as designed. It also helps to maintain product sizing, softness, stretchability and durability.

Line drying is not recommended as it can contribute to premature breakdown of the elastic core through a process called hydrolysis. Consumers are advised to use a dryer and to tumble dry on permanent press or low heat. High dryer temperatures could cause shrinkage and spandex breakdown. The tumbling process will restore fiber loft for maximum comfort and impact protection.

Be certain your socks have been thoroughly dried after laundering. If socks are put away damp, spandex break down may result due to excess moisture still present in the elastic.

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